GI JOE Classified: Book 1

When Stan’s mom gets the job offer of a lifetime at a cutting-edge tech company, Stan packs his bags and exchanges Chicago for Springfield, home to the secretive tech behemoth, DeCobray Industries…

Saying goodbye to big-city life is only the first challenge Stan faces in moving to Springfield, a town that’s eerily under the thumb of his mother’s powerful employer. DeCobray has its hand in everything, including the Lyre XR augmented reality headsets that Stan and his fellow students at Springfield Academy are asked to beta test. At first Stan loves his headset—data on his classmates is at his fingertips, and the Lyre’s custom filters make school sort of fun—but then he meets Scarlett, Ichi no Zoro-me, and Julien, and his new friends show him there’s a lot more going on behind DeCobray’s flashy tech. When several kids go missing at school, Stan and his friends set out to uncover the truth behind the devices. But the further they dig, the more sinister the conspiracy at the heart of their town appears…

“A buoyant adventure combining colorful characters, a brisk pace, and cyber acumen” — Kirkus Reviews


GI JOE Classified: Revenge of the Ninja

The dynamic second installment in the exciting, action-adventure middle-grade series featuring beloved and all-new characters from the world of G.I. Joe

In the next installment in this action-packed series, a group of ordinary kids finds themselves facing extraordinary circumstances yet again. The Average Joes may have stalled Cobra’s nefarious plans, but Springfield is still in trouble. Continuing the story where Stan, Julien, Zoro-me, and Scarlett left off, this heart-pounding thrill ride will enthrall G.I. Joe fans and action-adventure readers alike.

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“Crackerjack science fiction action with a martial arts chaser.” — Kirkus Reviews

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“Skovron’s spy thriller reads at a breakneck pace, imbued with tech know-how, covert ops, and heart-pounding action scenes.” — Kirkus Reviews

Recommended for Grade 4-8

Ada Genet’s father, Remy Genet, was one of the most infamous criminals in the world, specializing in infiltration, theft, and cyber crime. For as long as she could remember, she had been his accomplice. She helped him steal secrets from governments, weapons from terrorists, and money from just about everyone.

But the law finally caught up with them after they brazenly infiltrated the Pentagon and made off with the source code for a new missile guidance system that her father planned to sell on the black market. Her father ended up in prison and she ended up at a military boarding school in Virginia, a ward of the US Federal Government.

Now something called the Hacker’s Key has been stolen from a secret UN installation. This Key could supposedly shut down every computer, smartphone, and internet-connected device simultaneously, causing mass chaos around the world. A Techno-Doomsday.

The Feds think Ada’s father has something to do with the theft, though he’s been in prison this whole time. When Remy claims he’ll speak to no one but his daughter, Ada is drawn back into a web of crime.

Also in French and German!


“It started off small. Just a dripping outside my window.”

From Kelley Skovron comes a ghostly mystery that explores the little-known history of Nazi indoctrination camps in the United States.

When Morgan witnesses some eerie happenings in her family’s new house, at first she shrugs them off. But as the unsettling dripping noises―and the sounds of someone crying―become more frequent, she starts to get nervous. Then a neighbor asks Morgan a blood-chilling question: What’s it like to live in a haunted house?

It seems Morgan’s new home is notorious in the town of Port Jefferson, all because of Joseph Klaus, a boy who drowned in the 1930s after vanishing from his summer camp. Morgan begins learning all she can about the Klaus boy and uncovers the little-known history of the German American Bund, a Fascist organization that indoctrinated children and forced them into labor. Klaus wasn’t just escaping from any old summer camp―he was fleeing American Nazis.

As Morgan discovers the heartbreaking history of her new town, she’ll have to do everything she can to protect her family from the spirits it left behind. Because the ghost of Joseph Klaus is still trying to get home―even if he drowns the people living there.

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From the author of The Ghost of Drowned Meadow comes another haunted tale that’s as touching as it terrifying.

Janessa “Jinx” McCormick loves photography because it’s like real life, except she can make it perfect. She never takes selfies because she doesn’t want to be in her own pictures. Her pictures are perfect. She is anything but. But one night as she’s touching up a new photo before posting it, Jinx sees…something sitting on the floor in the background of the image. Something she’s certain that it was not in the frame when she took the shot.

The figure is too dark and hazy to see exactly what it is. It looks roughly human-shaped, but only roughly. And soon Jinx notices something even more unsettling. With each new shot she takes, the figure is always there.

And it’s moving closer to the camera.

“An absorbing, well-characterized story” — Kirkus Reviews

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