Kelley Skovron is the author of more than 15 novels for kids, teens, and adults across a range of genres, including fantasy, horror, and adventure. Her work has been translated into 6 other languages, published in 9 countries outside the US, and adapted for audiobooks, including a free serialized version of Hope and Red on Apple Podcasts.

She co-hosted the Kid-Lit Writing Forum at the Arlington Public Library for several years, and was given the privilege of lecturing at the Library of Congress on the life and works of Mary Shelley. She has taught classes at Thurber House, and online at Atlas Obscura. Before beginning her career as an author, she graduated from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon School of Drama conservatory program, and briefly worked as a professional stage actor.

Kelley currently lives in a bread factory in Ohio, and enjoys the occasional visit from her offspring, when they can spare the time from their busy college lives.


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Photo by Ryan Benyj