From the author of The Ghost of Drowned Meadow comes another haunted tale that’s as touching as it terrifying.

Janessa “Jinx” McCormick loves photography because it’s like real life, except she can make it perfect. She never takes selfies because she doesn’t want to be in her own pictures. Her pictures are perfect. She is anything but. But one night as she’s touching up a new photo before posting it, Jinx sees…something sitting on the floor in the background of the image. Something she’s certain that it was not in the frame when she took the shot.

The figure is too dark and hazy to see exactly what it is. It looks roughly human-shaped, but only roughly. And soon Jinx notices something even more unsettling. With each new shot she takes, the figure is always there.

And it’s moving closer to the camera.

“An absorbing, well-characterized story” — Kirkus Reviews

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Also in audiobook format, read by me!